Transformers fulfills all of my expectations

Transformers Poster

Seriously, Transformers met every expectation of mine, both good and bad. Rather than go through a review of what I thought of it (I loved it), here’s just a list of my expectations:

  • BIG robots fighting for most of the movie
  • Cheesy scenes meant to make little kids laugh uncontrollably
  • One of the most simple plots ever made to sound complicated
  • The climactic end fight scene
    • The final showdown between Optimus Prime and Megatron
  • Good triumphs over evil
  • Loud noises throughout
  • Teenage romance
    • Complete with geek and white-trash girl falling in love
  • Long transforming sequences
  • Half-second transforming sequences
  • Government information exposure
  • Hacking by people too pretty to understand what hacking is
  • Did I say robot fighting?

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