Kanye West – Power (Live on SNL)

I have a couple thoughts on Kanye West:

He was a jerk to Taylor Swift at last year’s VMAs, and 808s & Heartbreak was terrible in my opinion. But that was a year ago. I’m willing to give him another chance.

I’m willing to give him another chance because he can still do stuff like this (‘this’ being the SNL performance.) This is what I want from a professional entertainer who’s going for a spectacle. Don’t half-ass it; go big like Kanye and Lady Gaga are doing.

I think that the way he is releasing music is ingenious. Every Friday = GOOD Friday. We get an incredible song packed with special guests for free. His forthcoming album will most likely be released in a traditional fashion, but what he is doing now get him positive attention from all sides (he looks like a nicer person, people love free stuff,etc.)

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