ILM & Christina Millian

I somehow only just discovered the I Love Music board. Pretty sure I haven’t grasped just how awesome this site is/will continue to be.

My first find? A five-year-old stripped down remix of Christina Millian’s Dip It Low. Not a heavy edit, but stripping out the fill drums gives the track so much space to exude its slink (which the original had no problem doing on its own.)

Best of 2012 Lists

Once again, it’s time for the lists of everyone’s favorite everything from the past year! Time to fire up Spotify and listen to a ton of fantastic music that you missed in the past twelve months!

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Artist’s Lists

Ke$ha – Die Young

Start with the four-on-the-floor dance beat. Move on to the pumping lead synth that drops in and out while building anticipation and providing relief throughout the song. Throw in an acoustic guitar playing the simple chord progression to fill in at the bottom of builds. Wrap up with coherent, empowering (and non-pandering) lyrics about living in the moment. It’s all there.

Oh, and don’t forget Dr. Luke.

Ke$ha’s latest offering is a great example of what a solid pop song sounds like today. Definitely one of the best pop offerings of the year.

Four Tet – Pyramid

It’s a special track that can get a crowd moving when they’re expecting known material and they’re served fresh stuff. Both times I saw Four Tet, Pyramid did just that. Clocking in at a steady 8:30, the song has movement for days – provided in no small part by the chugging looped vocal sample.

I can’t admit to being one who’s followed Four Tet through his long journey through IDM, jazz, and their fusion with electronica, but I am absolutely loving his fairly recent output of straightforward dance music.

Favorite Hot Chip songs

Tomorrow I will be seeing Hot Chip in concert for the (checking my Live Music records) seventh time. It’s safe to say that they are one of my favorite bands. In Our Hands, their fifth album, came out a couple months ago, and like the four preceding it, it’s solid as a rock. What other electro-pop band do you know that completely embraces the idea of being earnest?

“These chains you bound around my heart / complete me / baby / I would not be free” -These Chains

“And oh-oh / my heart has flown to you just like a dove / it can fly / it can fly” -Take It In

“I only wanna be your one life stand / Tell me do you stand by your whole man?” -One Life Stand

Nocturnal Sunshine – Meant To Be

I’ve been digging some deep house lately, and as a result have been spending a lot of time around One great find that I’ve latched on to is Maya Jane Coles. She’s not exactly “underground” – more like the fastest rising DJ in the scene, but still, all of her productions have deep basslines that just sink right in with the grooves of her beats. I love this song for its coupling of a dark chill feeling with a momentum that keeps the track from falling asleep.

Refused – New Noise (Rehearsal, Umeå 2012-02-29)

 Oh yes. Refused is back.

Back in the days when I used to go to the library and rent albums in order to build my music collection, Refused were one of my gem punk discoveries (up there with Scatter the Ashes.) And when I saw that they were on the poster for this year’s Coachella, I flipped.

I am unbelievably excited for this comeback show.