Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things

Kim Jong-Il looking at some meat

I know very little about North Korea. Most what I do know came from a BBC documentary about some children who’s lives revolved around their training for the mass games. It was a great film, but it didn’t really have much humor in it (not that it should have.) This blog should fill the void of North Korean humor.

(kim jong-il looking at things via

Girls That Look Like Skrillex

this girl definitely looks like Skrillex

I deplore Skrillex and the music he makes. I cringe when people say things like, “I love dubstep! Have you heard of Skrillex?” Sure, you could make the argument that (like Deadmau5) he’s bringing people to electronic music that otherwise would have kept listening to Kings of Leon and Jack Johnson. Right. Because those are the kind of people I want at a Chemical Brothers or Aphex Twin show.

Tumblr is a wonderful thing. It gives us gems like this.

(via the infamous Coachella Forum)