Hot Natured – Reverse Skydiving

A few weeks ago, I went to Crosstown Rebel’s Rebel Rave when it stopped here in Brooklyn. I distinctly remember the moment when this song came on. Infinity Ink was a good way into their set and then this groove dropped… it bounces so perfectly. I couldn’t make out everything that the vocalist was singing, but I caught “this is what I feel when I’m reverse skydiving” and I typed it out on my phone so that I wouldn’t forget to look it up.

Turns out the song is a new piece by Hot Natured and won’t be officially released until May 6th.

In related news, I got an email today from HARD saying that they’re putting on a show at Terminal 5 here in New York with Hot Natured, Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, and Infinity Ink! Sweet lineup, I think, but what has this Hot Natured done other than put out a snippet of a future single? And who the hell are they that they’re topping a bill over Jamie Jones?! Turns out Hot Natured is simply all of the guys on the bill. Guess that makes sense.