Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things

Kim Jong-Il looking at some meat

I know very little about North Korea. Most what I do know came from a BBC documentary about some children who’s lives revolved around their training for the mass games. It was a great film, but it didn’t really have much humor in it (not that it should have.) This blog should fill the void of North Korean humor.

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How I found out that Bin Laden is dead

This is just a short story of how extraordinary the internet is.

At around 7:20pm tonight (May 1, 2011), I’m sitting at my desk playing Starcraft II, and a notification from the Huffington Post pops up on my iPhone. It says that Obama is to make a surprise statement at around 7:30pm.

I jump on Twitter and see a tweet from my friend that says:

The tweet that informed me of Bin Laden's death.

Just a few minutes after I go on a mad fact-checking search through the New York Times, CNN, and other tweets, the deluge of texts from friends spreading the word starts. Within 10 minutes of the White House saying so, millions – maybe billions – of people know a piece of information.

The incredible part of this in my opinion is that this didn’t start while people were paying attention. It started on any normal Sunday evening. Now I’m just watching TV, waiting for the official announcement.

Ron Paul @ USC

Ron Paul
ron paul @ usc in front of tommy trojan

“He’s so Republican, it’s like not Republican.”

That’s my favorite quote of the day that I overheard some other kids saying. Is it true? Kinda. His policy does stay very true to Republican party lines, but no other GOP candidates like him. It’s complicated.

So this was my first political rally. It was what I expected to be: tons of people who already are gung-ho for Dr. Paul and ready to cheer at his every word. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with much of what he says, but I’m not the type to eat up whatever someone says… Even if they are the best candidate running on the Republican ticket.

The state of the GOP right now is very unfortunate. To have a situation where a candidate doesn’t back the president of his own party, but stands behind exactly what the party defines itself as is pretty pathetic. What is even worse is the response of the Republican party to what Ron Paul says. The Republican party is lucky that someone like Paul came around; he’s their only chance to capture the youth’s attention.

So all in all, the rally was a learning experience. I am so thankful to be in a place where on any give Wednesday, you could be in a class, at a club meeting, asleep, or at a political rally. USC is certainly an interesting place.

Bono still thinks it’s everyone elses fault

AIDS Red RibbonThe essence of this news story by Reuters is that Bono still thinks that the richest countries around the world aren’t doing their part in the search for the cure of AIDS. Bono thinks that these countries (the United States, Japan, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia and France) still have a long way to go in terms of their due responsibility of aid to Africa’s poor.

My turn. I think that Bono needs to stop flapping his mouth. It seems like nothing he says is constructive, and if he does try to throw in some original ideas, they are either unfeasible or plain ignorant. Eradicating HIV/AIDS is an ambition goal that hopefully will one day be overcome, but diseases that are based so much on human behaviors can’t be cured simply by an injection or treatment. As long as stigmas like the idea that a man infected with AIDS can be cured by having sex with a virgin are in existence, these diseases will continue to spread. Continue reading “Bono still thinks it’s everyone elses fault”