Remember Bonsai Kittens?

"I would like to buy a bonsai kitten, can it be in the shape of a star?"

Oh the joy that bonsai kittens brought every teenage boy in the early 2000s… How vividly I remember the girls in high school getting to the verge of tears before we begrudgingly conceded that, while we desperately wished they were, bonsai kittens were not real.

A gem of a comment from the “Guestbook” on the bonsai kittens main website:

[email protected]: Months ago, you have masterfully shaped my kitten into a trapezoid; however, now, the 45-degree angle on the tail side is weakining, making her more of a rhombus than anything. Although, I could reinforce the front side with the angular clamps you sell, I’m afraid she might turn out to be a parallelogram. Any tips?

(via Bonsai Kittens)