Die Antwoord’s $O$, confused yet?

Die Antwoord's debut album $O$

AMG describes Die Antwoord as representing “the Lady Gaga Era’s dark underbelly.” Spot-on.

From The Music Slut:

History of South Africa: Nelson Mandela, District 9, Die Antwoord. That’s it.

Like most everyone else on the interwebs, I’d seen the Die Antwoord videos as they came out and spread like wildfire. Then I saw them at their first US show in the Saraha Tent at Coachella for a 25 minute set before 2 many djs.

If you’ve seen the videos, you’re probably confused on many levels. After I saw them at Coachella, I was still confused.

Can you blame me?

Die Antwoord – Zef Side

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