Coachella 2007: Peaches

PeachesPeaches will rock you so hard that every concert you go to afterwards is just cakewalk. Peaches is the hardest girl in electroclash, no, make that the entire universe. Just listen to her music, and while it might be kinda hard not to be offended, you will soon realize that you have never heard anything like it before.Before I get to her lyrics, let’s tackle her beats first. Drum machines run when they hear her name. Her sound is comprised of drum machine patters, guitar riffs, and distorted synths layered all over each other. It’s repetitive and grabbing at the same time.Now on to her lyrics. Sexist? Erotic? Nonsense? Genius. The sex that she screams makes’s music sound like the words of God. The persona of Peaches is gender confused, and this is blatantly obvious in the lyrics of songs such as “Tent In Your Pants” and “Boys Wanna Be Her”.

How do you do that cool dance?Baby don’t split those hot pantsI got these moves that we can do to and singI don’t look too good in pinkI used to slash myself upI like to play it toughCuts, bruises, blood oozes, bones breaking roughYou gotta handle that stuff

Oh, and did I mention that that song is a collab with Iggy Pop?! Because it is…With lyrics as repetitive as her drum machine beats, it’s no wonder that her cult following of fans knows every single word in her songs and screams them at the top of their lungs at every show. Energy is guaranteed. But please, be aware that the explicitness of her lyrics outdo even Marilyn Manson.

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