Atari Teenage Riot is back (w/ song, tour, video)!

CX KiDTRONiK, Nic Endo, and Alec Empire (left to right) of Atari Teenage Riot

Back in the days when I used the public library system to build my music collection (I was a master at CD ripping), I came across this group called Atari Teenage Riot. When I listened to their album Burn, Berlin, Burn, my concept of what music could be was drastically changed. I don’t think I liked or dislike them at first (digital hardcore is damn abrasive to be sure); they were like nothing else I’d ever heard. But, as with much of the music I was discovering at that time, I soon learned that the group has broken up a few years prior.

Jump forward some eight years, and now ATR is back! They’ve signed onto Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak record label and have a three month international tour lined up for this fall (starting today in Berlin, Germany.) Check out the awesome new live video for their song “Activate” below:

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