Bonde Do Role parties with their baile funk music

Bonde Do RoleLadies and gentlemen, we have another entrant into the indie/foreign/dance punk/electro musical niche. Bonde Do Role is a Brazilian baile funk band whose music complements other musicians such as M.I.A. and CSS, and their oversexed attitudes seem to mirror Peaches. Their sound, while not completely unique right now, is definitely uplifting and danceable (seeing as their genre means dance funk).

The band currently consists of MCs Pedro D’Eyrot and Marina Vello, and DJ/MC Rodrigo Gorky. All three bring massive amounts of energy to the already insane beats laid down by Gorky. They have released one EP and one LP so far, both of which clearly state what style of music they are aiming for. Their LP With Lazers is right alongside of CSS’s Cansei de Ser Sexy in terms of music made with fun in mind. Mild singing, loud yells, and lyrics in a language I don’t understand are all pluses for me. While other dance punk acts are coming to the point of breaking into the mainstream market, Bonde Do Role is sure to stand out and make it past the “Pitchfork hype” which seems to come and go with the tides…

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