Transformers fulfills all of my expectations

Transformers Poster

Seriously, Transformers met every expectation of mine, both good and bad. Rather than go through a review of what I thought of it (I loved it), here’s just a list of my expectations:

  • BIG robots fighting for most of the movie
  • Cheesy scenes meant to make little kids laugh uncontrollably
  • One of the most simple plots ever made to sound complicated
  • The climactic end fight scene
    • The final showdown between Optimus Prime and Megatron
  • Good triumphs over evil
  • Loud noises throughout
  • Teenage romance
    • Complete with geek and white-trash girl falling in love
  • Long transforming sequences
  • Half-second transforming sequences
  • Government information exposure
  • Hacking by people too pretty to understand what hacking is
  • Did I say robot fighting?

Why is Blockbuster’s influence so huge all of a sudden?

Blockbuster LogoLast time I checked, everyone had crossed Blockbuster off of their list of companies that matter. I thought that it’s recent attempts to make a showing in the online movie rental sector was a joke. As of late, it seems that my assumptions were wrong because every tech blog has been pronouncing the victory of BluRay over HD-DVD as a result of Blockbuster’s recent announcement that it would be adoption BluRay over HD-DVD.

Don’t get me wrong, I was BluRay to win this standards war. I believe that Sony’s PS3, while the most expensive, is the best “next-gen” console. I believe that it is years ahead of the Wii and of the Xbox360. But that argument needs to be saved for another day. Apart from the console wars being waged right now, BluRay is just the better format.

Has everyone forgot about Netflix? The one company that has risen above just being a “geek’s only” secret you shared with only your best friends. It’s public and normal people use it without a problem. Just for a second, think about what would happen if Netflix adopted HD-DVD. Obviously, Blockbuster is the larger of the two companies, but it is also falling much faster than Netflix is rising. If there was a coalition of sorts made of up every movie rental company/organization against Blockbuster’s adoption of the format, it could mean the end of both BluRay and Blockbuster. Of course, this won’t happen, but the Netflix situation certainly could.

Just playing Devil’s Advocate here, but just think for a second about the contradiction of your past words and current assumptions. As usual, only time will tell…